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Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy for ChildrenSpeech Connections offers feeding therapy that incorporates behavioral, sensory and oral motor components to complete the circle of eating.

We all know that it’s fairly normal for young children to be “picky eaters” – not wanting to eat vegetables or only wanting to eat their favorite food. But when your child is refusing to eat entire food groups or their eating habits are causing stress for the whole family, it’s possible that your child could benefit from feeding therapy.

We use similar oral-motor skills for eating as we do for speaking clearly to one another. When oral-motor skills development in a child is delayed, speech and eating can both be impacted. Some children who are hypersensitive to the texture or appearance experience sensory feeding problems, and may avoid certain foods altogether. The goal of our feeding program at Speech Connections is to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to meet the needs of your child help your child meet the developmental milestones for feeding.

Our feeding therapy treatment plans are geared for infants, toddlers and children who have oral motor difficulties impacting feeding or who are selective or “picky” eaters. Each care plan is tailored to the needs of the child and what is important to the family. Dietary needs and restrictions are considered during the planning of each program.

Our speech-language pathologists have received training in a variety of methodologies. These include Talk Tools© and Diane Bahr’s Integrated Treatment of Feeding, Speech and Mouth Function in Pediatrics©. To schedule an evaluation appointment, please call our office.